Is your website losing you customers?

Is your website losing you customers? Find out here.

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Is your website losing you customers?

Yes, your website can actually lose you customers!  If viewers can’t tell within 5 seconds what you do or who you are when looking at your homepage, there’s a good chance they will click off when you want them to click on.

Make your website a destination, not a drive-by, with a clear message that is irresistible to your next customer. Then add attention grabbing content that makes them want to travel further with you—a trusted expert—on their road to getting what they’re looking for.

Do you have a strategic website marketing plan?

97% of all purchases start with an online search. And 94% of online decisions start by checking online reviews. Without a strategic marketing plan, how will people know to come to you? Yes, I know, I know, you rely on word-of-mouth to get you new clients. But word-of-mouth now happens online, mostly in social media.

Don’t just rely on your website. You can reinforce your value and the value of what you offer through a solid social media presence that includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snap Chat, and other social marketing venues. Isn’t it time you activated the power of social media to grow your business?

Is your creative content anything but creative?

Do you get tired of the same old unoriginal blogs and videos on the internet? Your are not alone because so does everyone else. If the material on your website is on 100 other sites, it will cost you customers. Google, Bing, and Yahoo value originality.

Stop competing with the big boy cookie-cutter giants. Make your name synonymous as an expert in your chosen field and provide your customers and prospects alike with innovative, tailored content that will make you their go to source and their hero when they need what you’re offering.

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