Is Your Website Ever Really Finished?


If you functioning under the delusion that your business’ website is finished, your business may be finished, too.

There are so many projects we get to do and walk away from. Your website isn’t one of them. Websites need frequent care, sometimes daily care, if they’re going to give you what you want from them. If you’re in a service business (not primarily selling products, but providing services), your website is like the label on a jar of mayonnaise in the grocery store. The web is the store. The mayo
is your business and the label on the mayo is your website. When people see that label, they will either be engaged enough to pick it up or just grab a different brand. Whether the do or not depends on how clear and engaging your message was on that label. Ok. We’ve come to the end of that metaphor.

Let’s think of your website more like a child. Once you’ve built it you now have to feed it quite regularly. You have to buy it clothes, teach it to talk, show it off to family and friends, show it how to be social… There’s a really long list of things you have to do to make your sweet little website the outgoing and attractive marketing machine you always dreamed it would be.

Here’s a short list of what is recommended for regular website maintenance.

  • Keep adding relevant content that’s rich in the search terms you best prospects are using to find your business and businesses like yours. That means…
    • Recorded video
    • Live video
    • Relevant blogs
    • Reviews
    • Testimonials
    • Press releases and articles
  • Keep building links from your website to other sites that are rich in your key search terms and, when possible, find a way to reciprocate
  • Add functionality like social links, live chat, live video, the latest plug-ins or widgets
  • Look at your analytics to see where your site viewers are spending the most time and add more of that kind of content to your site
  • Most importantly, your company, your services, and your customers’ experiences with your website are always changing. If your website doesn’t adapt to them, they’re going to lose interest and you will lose prospects and sales.

None of this is easy. But as Super Chicken always said, “You knew the job was rough when you took it, Fred!” On the other hand, turning your website into a Mecca for the prospects out there who are passionate about what you’re passionate about is truly a privilege. Don’t squander it. And if you need help, it’s everywhere. You can even get website help here. Whatever you do, don’t make your website feel like a red-headed step-child. It will cost you dearly in the not so long run. And your competitors will take advantage of your website neglect.

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