Media: Traditional Media Advertising, Especially TV, Is STILL Smokin’ Hot!


Media: Traditional Media Advertising, Especially Television, Is STILL Smokin’ Hot!

You might conclude from your own daily allocation of hours to new media (internet, email, mobile computing) that traditional media (TV, radio, print, outdoor, direct mail) are drying up and withering away. Not true!!! Radio was up 15% in January 2012. TV continues to post increases in revenue every year since 2008. Newspaper and Magazines have been adjusting to an online world for almost 20 years. Consequently newspaper and magazine revenues from publication websites are beginning to increase as hard copy revenues decrease.

The internet is alive, well and busier than ever. But it still has serious competition from radio, TV, outdoor, out of home, newspaper, magazines, and direct mail. At Fluid Drive Media we’ve been getting business from national companies looking for someone who is still well-versed in buying traditional media. That’s a trip for me in light of what one might think due to the tidal wave of new technology and even newer technology.

Advertisers, according to eMarketer, are still investing heavily in broadcast and cable TV this year to the tune of $60.5 billion this year – up 2.5% from last year – making TV the highest-spend of all media with 39.1% of all media. Broadcast media are still expanding. In this economy that’s saying something. Even though the predicted demise of TV is not happening, the internet is having an impact on best buying practices. The source of an online lead or response is easy to track. To keep competing with online media, TV outlets and advertisers have been required to step up their response and results tracking procedures to try to match the trackability of the internet. And they are…which means TV is just getting better.

“Even though online advertising has been robust, it hasn’t stopped advertisers from keeping the bulk of their budgets right on TV,” eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey said, pointing out that even in spite of consumers’ healthy appetite for content on laptops and cellphones, it’s not having any discernible effect on their TV habits, or on the amount of money marketers are looking to spend to get in front of their faces. If you have questions about the movement of media today or to help you make the most of your media plan and budget, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help.

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