The Power of User Generated Content (UGC)



Published 06/03/2018 by Jukin Media

Authenticity is key in this always-on world, and nothing does more for your brand than making authentic connections with consumers. To better help your message rise above the clutter and stick in a consumer’s consciousness, you need content that will elicit a visceral, emotional response.

Enter UGC video. Today, ordinary citizens are armed with HD quality camera phones, and they capture everyday life moments on video with ever-increasing frequency. Hundreds of hours of video footage are uploaded to the social web every minute of every day, and as global smartphone adoption continues to rise, that volume of video will only increase.

This surplus of video content has created an opportunity for brands. User-generated video is rife with real emotions, real surprises, real reactions, and real achievements. That authenticity is impossible to recreate, and it’s what makes UGC the most engaging content on the web, achieving “viral” status more frequently than any other type of content.

When brands are able to harness UGC and use it for innovative storytelling, what follows are engaging emotionally resonant ads that ooze authenticity, like the ad from Pampers that Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer for Proctor & Gamble, the world’s largest advertiser, showcased from the Dmexco stage in September of 2017.

UGC is the largest untapped resource for brands.

It’s not hard to see why:

This roundup has inspired 17,101,669 views since upload in December of 2017.

In 2017, the first UK bank tapped into this incredible resource with a campaign from Santander, centred around prosperity in happiness and the joy of everyday life.

And the results?

“Our communications awareness scores are up as is our brand image, which for us means consumers will consider us for a current account,” 
Rachel Baynes, Head of Marketing and Communications

Many big brands are following suit.

This month, utility giants British Gas are using comical UGC clips to connect with customers with their “You can’t control everything” social marketing campaign to highlight their Smart Meter service.

At Christmas, Sainsbury’s tried to capture this authenticity by abandoning their usual big production seasonal ad for a video casting diverse British people from all over the country singing a festive tune in their living rooms to their local stores.

With your consumers providing an incredible creative source of organic video content just waiting to be licensed and unleashed, we’re sure to see more in 2018.

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