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David Lamoureux

Six Reasons Why Media Strategy Should Come Before Creative

Reprinted from Ad Age Media Works Who Should Really Be Getting the Last 10 Minutes of the Meeting? Not that long ago, media used to get the last 10 minutes of the meeting. The big TV idea, the provocative headline or the right choice of talent was...

David Lamoureux

Get more customers! Four steps to more effective ads

Get more customers! Four steps to more effective ads Prerequisites First I’d like to talk about what makes good ads really good - being creative. Videos, ads, and copy are all referred to by advertising professionals as “the creative.” The people who generate “the creative” are called...

David Lamoureux

Online Marketing: Why social media WON’T work for you

Let’s face it. Social media is an expensive, expansive, confusing, time-sucking monster that’s mostly viewed by kids. Right? Your customers aren’t kids. How many kids own businesses? You work with businesses – with business people. Why would you want to invest precious time and resources...

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