Social Video Simplified


Social Video Simplified

Social media and viral videos are continuing to grow in influence and usage.  In 2013, these two forces will marry into a powerful relationship. The quantity of video messaging content continues to grow as social connections, channels and opportunities do. The good video will rise to the top. It will get noticed, commented on and shared on medium such as Facebook and Youtube. Those comments and shares add a powerful psychological factor to your video and message.   As your video gets more and more comments and shares, the authenticity of the message is enhanced. With the right video, social media can work wonders for your business.

Social viral videos are a versatile tool that allows your company to interact continually with your customers. You can use viral videos to share information about upcoming events, highlight company achievements, share how-to’s and quick tips, drive sales and promotions, or share customer testimonials. The applications of social video are numerous. Consequently, the amount of video already on the web is numerous and growing. In order to make your media stand out, it is important to make it memorable. So how does one make a viable social video?

The number one priority in social video is to make it sharable. Your viral videos have to elicit some type of response. It needs an emotional connection, not features. If your video doesn’t compel the viewer to comment or share, then you’re missing the mark. A sharable video will tell a story, all the while connecting your audience to what you do best. Focus on “evergreen” content (content that will be relevant for 1-2 years). If your video is sharable today, it will probably be sharable in the future.  And the longer it’s sharable, the more effective it will be.

The length of social video is very important. Americans spend 2.7 hours a day socializing on mobile phones. The already short attention span of the public is shortened again by the logistics of mobile streaming. So 30 second is plenty.  Keeping the video short, you can utilize a cliffhanger motivating future visits and views.

You need to make an impression on the viewer, so it is important to start strong. Your video may only be thirty seconds, but the viewer will turn it off after five if you don’t engage from the start. A good way to keep the viewer present for the entire video is with music. In a world where we are increasingly bombarded with loud noises, music is a necessity. It will not only engage the viewer more directly, but it may simply be enough of a distraction from other distractions as to warrant paying attention to the video.

Make use of the variety of  sharing sites for viral videos (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc…). Youtube is a search engine and a media asset – the home of your own TV network! YouTube is currently the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google. Youtube can help magnify your company. Don’t let this golden avenue for improving your company go to waste. An authentic and viable social video can help you improve customer relationships, and increase profits and brand awareness!

Thanks for your time. If you want to talk and/or learn more about social video, let us know.

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