This is why your site visitors bounce


This is why your site visitors bounce

Your goal when you started your business was not to have a website. It was to help or supply people in the unique and amazing way only you can. But if people are coming to your site and leaving in the first couple seconds otherwise known as “bouncing,” these are two of the primary reasons why…

  1. Your website does not clearly lay out why they want to do business with you. According to Donald Miller at com, if your site viewers can’t see what benefit you offer in five seconds or less, your website is losing you customers. What can YOU do to FIX it? Organize the information on your home page so the first thing they see is that you know and understand their pain points and you are their solution. Do that well and they’ll stick around long enough to learn all the other reasons they want to contact you.
  2. Slow page-load times. Very few people are going to wait more than 4 seconds for any web page to load. And slow page loads really hurt your Google ranking. Fix that typically technical problem with Google PageSpeed Insights and similar tools that will give you tips and recommendations to speed things up.

Your website is a marketing tool. So sharpen it. Make it the most focused and effective piece of communication you’ve ever seen.

If you want to talk about decreasing your bounce rate, comment below or drop me an email. I’d be glad to help.

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