Research: Media Buyers See TV, Web Video As One, Want Unified Metrics


Media Buyers See TV, Web Video As One, Want Unified Metrics

Published on April 19, 2012

Digiday has released the results of its “State of the Industry Survey,” sponsored by, which revealed that brands and agencies are planning their online video/ TV ad buys together (for example, in a unified campaign). Digiday conducts the semi-annual poll of the marketplace for online advertising (including agencies, brands, publishers, ad networks and intermediaries).

The majority told Digiday that the rate at which they will plan TV and online video ads together will grow by more than 50% in the coming year. Some 48 percent already plan the two media together, and 25% more plan to do so in the next 12 months.

What the majority will not do is shift their TV buys entirely to digital. Just about two thirds (at 62%) report that online video will complement TV advertising rather than replace it, in line with last year’s figures.

Whither the Measurements?

Interestingly, 54% expect their online video ad buys to be under 5% percent of their 2012 purchases—down 10% from the same time last year. The key roadblock is in unified measurements. Brands want click-throughs, certainly, but brand lift is still the most important metric cited by both agencies and brands—and they’re baffled by different metrics.

But, the online venues may have solved this problem, even as the survey was conducted. Just this week, Hulu and Google promised TV-like metrics to advertisers—specifically, gross rating points or GRPs. Google announced just yesterday that it has introduced “Active GRP” into its DoubleClick for Advertisers offering.

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