Advertising: How many marketing messages do we see in a day?


How-Many-Ad-Messages-Blog-ArtHow many marketing messages do we see in a day? That’s a loaded question because people who should know better have been quoting guestimates for the last 15 years, including the one from Yankelvich Research (later quoted by the NY Times), that range from 3,000 to 20,000. Those higher numbers include every time you pass by a label in a grocery store, all the ads in your mailbox whether you see them or not, the label on everything you wear, etc.

One of the sanest studies I came across said we see 247 images per day and probably don’t notice half of them even though we’ve been exposed. The fact that you and the message are in reasonable proximity for you to see it doesn’t mean you saw it. Our brains can’t truly process that many messages. We can’t notice, absorb, or even judge the personal merit of 3,000 visual attacks a day.

The right message can link with our own desire or interest and get us to stop and look at it, watch it, or listen to it. An ad message that informs us about something we want will get noticed. If you’re lusting after a new, hot, American-made sports sedan, the Cadillac CTS TV, print, outdoor, or radio ad will catch your attention. The Ford pickup ad won’t register on your radar. So who cares if you saw it or not?

Look at Times Square, for example. That has to be the densest concentration of buy-me messages on the planet. I’m guestimating myself, but I would think that if you stood on the top of the bleachers by the B’way ticket office in Times Square and slowly turned around while counting every ad on every DiamondVision, doorway, cab, bus, billboard, light pole, building, sandwich board, hawker, and flyer you’d come up with no less than 500 messages. That’s 20 minutes of overload in a perfect storm of advertising. But we don’t look at ads that way. We skim to see what speaks to or connects with our core wants, desires, and values. That’s why engagement is such a hot topic in marketing today.

A good campaign doesn’t just offer the right product to the right consumer. It gets them emotionally stimulated to buy or at least investigate the advertised product or service. Why go to that next level? Why expend the time and effort to craft an advertising message that informs and ignites a bond between the product or service and the target consumer? Because the competition is stiff regardless of what category you’re in. And the rest of the ad space is frustratingly distracting.

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