Four Levels of Social Video


Four Levels of Social Video

Welcome to your market, your message, your media.

Level One: Today we’re going to blow up the mystery around social video or online video marketing. There ain’t no mystery. Social video is any video you put on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo or link to your social sites from your website. For example: If I put this little cutie’s first crawl on my facebook page then it’s a social video. If I see a video on YouTube, Flikr, DailyMotion or any other video site and create a link to it on my facebook page or tweet it to my friends, it’s a social video. Then again, it was already a social video because it was on YouTube. People have accounts on YouTube the same way they do on Facebook. Creating social video is like writing an original work. Once you create write an original story it’s protected by by copyright law. Once you put any video content on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., it’s social.

Level Two: If you created a video that’s interesting enough for others to enjoy then you’re really getting into what social video is all about – sharing. Even if those others are just your immediate family, your office mates, or your high school graduating class of 2,000, your video has value beyond your own entertainment and will get passed on to people who care about it.

Level Three: The next level of social video comes out of a content strategy designed to move a particular audience to take a specific action. For example; you create a 30 second commercial for your business. You put your sexy and edgy commercial online as part of a campaign to get affluent 25-45 year old males to gain awareness of your new honey whisky or line of climbing shoes. You’ve tailored the style of your video to attract their eyes and, hopefully, get them to pass it on to their friends. What makes it great social video and thereby sharable is that it creates an emotional connection with that audience. Ideally the people who watch it will click on it to find out more about your product or service.

Level Four: To acquire the holy grail of social video – the viral video – you need to tell a story that has strong emotional impact and very broad appeal. To get hundreds of thousands or millions of views it has to stand out. We’ll cover that in another episode. Remember tears and laughter are both expressions of emotional impact. So if it elicits a lot of either it will get shared over and over again. It will get lots of views and create very broad awareness of you and/or your business.

Here are two great examples of viral video. Both are selling a product. Go to YouTube. For deep raw emotion look up Campaign For Nursing’s Future – Pediatric Nurses (just under half a million views). For some raw and unique humor look up Dollar Shave Club (over 13 million views)

Here are some more quick tips to apply to your next social video…

  • Your VP of sales is wrong. All video needs an emotional connection, not a list of features. Making it sharable is your #1 priority. A list of features may be important to your message, but the hook is what makes video social and sharable.
  • Tell a story
  • Always start strong – don’t wait to make in impact
  • Make it nonlinear or not chronological just to keep people guessing
  • Use a cliffhanger to motivate subsequent visits
  • Add music to make your social video more dramatic, impactful or just plain old funny
  • Remember search. SEO is still important. Wherever you upload your video you have the option to add a description, keywords, or tags
  • Focus on “evergreen” content – that will be relevant for 1-2 years
  • Social video sites are search engines (YouTube is the #2 search engine) and a media asset – the home of your own TV Network!

Levels one and two are free. Beyond that you may want to get the help of a professional videographer or story teller. Are you stuck on an idea for your next social video? Let us know. We can help tell your story in a compelling and engaging way – a way that gets your story shared by the right people. Thank you for watching. See you again next time.

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