Five Myths About YouTube That Make Your Business Invisible


Five Myths About YouTube That Make Your Business Invisible

Most people know they can find gobs of stuff to watch on it. But many people have wrong ideas about YouTube as a tool for promoting a business. Here are five myths I’ve run across that may be making your business invisible.

People don’t search YT for information.

Even though most people don’t think of YouTube as a search engine, it’s the second most popular search platform in the world. Not only do people search YouTube for how-to’s, entertainment, and news, they use YouTube to find info on companies they’re interested in doing business with. Last year 74% of millennials followed brands on YouTube.

My video of my dog head-butting me in the groin will go viral all on its own

99% of the videos that go viral get started with ad money. When a popular brand like Pepsi spends millions producing an online spot, they spend almost as much getting it seen by people who will share it with the world. As amusing as your dog and groin video may be, it would need to be supported by ad dollars to truly go viral.

If it’s not 4k I might as well not upload it

Most video today comes in 720p, 1080p, and 4k resolutions. 58% of videos under 5 minutes are being watched on smart phones. So most of the time, promotional videos (like your commercial) are going to run on smaller devices. So 720p is adequate. 1080p is better and 4K is often overkill.

Spielberg isn’t available so I’m not going to shoot it

Steven Spielberg is great because he’s passionate about telling stories. What is your message? Are you passionate about it? Have you nailed the story of your business? ( If you have to, tell your story to your smartphone. Production value counts in a lot of instances but not when what you’re saying creates a connection with your target audience.

One video is all I need

I read about a video production company that was posting a how-to video once a month and they had 2,000 people coming to look at it on YouTube each month. That was alright, but they knew they could do better. So they started publishing one video a week. In less than a year they went from 2,000 to 500,000 people looking at their videos every month. That will never happen with one video.

YouTube is a digital video marketing gift to you. But there’s a learning curve that gets conquered by creating, posting and monitoring your videos on it. The key is to keep the content coming. I wish you the best of luck with your videos – with all of your digital content. If you’d like to talk about how you can get the most of YouTube, please leave a comment below or email us. We’d be glad to help.

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