Don’t close the door on offline or traditional media.


Does your local media strategy include offline or traditional media? It should.

1) Welcome to another episode of your market, your message, your media. When it comes to local marketing and advertising in today’s hyper-connected world, smart business owners always focus their efforts on their websites. It’s critical to their success. Any other small business strategy would be insane. If you didn’t know that, you’ve been hiding under that rock for a little too long.

2) And when you ask most advertisers or business owners about offline media – radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, outdoor, etc.- the perception is that their days of ruling the media world have been over for a decade. And that perception isn’t wrong. I just read that by this time next year, online ad spending is expected to outpace newspapers and magazines combined.

3) But your business can benefit from media options and strategies beyond the web. And many consumers are still looking for and getting purchase information from offline sources. To prove that point do you have a negative answer to any of these questions?
How many big advertisers do more than just digital? Almost all.
Is your digital only marketing approach reaching and impacting everyone you need it to?
Are your website and your online marketing strategies getting you the customers and business volume you want?
Who do you want to reach but can’t with just an online media presence?
What do you want to make happen that online alone isn’t making happen for you?
What can an offline promotion/push do for your online marketing? aka The combo effect.
How competitive is your product or service category? If it’s really competitive, maybe you need more than a website, adwords, and some banners.

If your answer is yes, great. But if you’re suffering from online media myopathy (long fast scroll disclaimer) you may want hear about some options you have written off prematurely?

4) First I have to let you know that I believe in online marketing and I do it for all of my clients. But you have to consider that only 23.4% of all ad money is spent online. That’s a fact. The biggest advertisers like GM, Procter & Gamble, Ford – still think there’s more to advertising than online media. They spend tens of billions offline or on traditional media.

5) And regardless of traditional media’s apparent losses, advertising spending in newspapers and magazines is still pretty robust. They ain’t dead yet. Why? One – because people over 50 typically have more money than people under 50. And two – because people over 50 grew up with those media as primary sources of news, entertainment and information. You can reach some of them online, but if that’s all you do you might be missing some huge opportunities to reach them offline. Even with a strong mobile presence your message isn’t reaching everyone. An online and offline media strategy does more to remind your customers to consider your product or service and buy.

6) I’m not saying you should go out and blow a huge wad on either newspapers or magazines. It may not make sense for your particular business. I am saying that advertisers are still getting bang for their bucks from traditional media buys. I’m saying it’s wise to look at all the options before you decide where to allocate your marketing budget. When traditional media like TV, radio, or outdoor, for example, are done well, they’re very effective.

There’s more to come…
7) Thank you so much for watching today. In our next episode we’re going to be looking this issue in light of traditional media poster child – TV. And if you need help with your market, your message, or your media, let us know. We’ll be glad to help.

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