Customer Feedback Is Your Friend


Customer Feedback Is Your Friend!

Customer feedback is a vital part of any company’s future. The digital revolution in marketing has provided some useful sources of customer feedback.  The internet landscape allows companies to garner more feedback than ever before. However, this increase feedback could be a double edged sword if you interpret it incorrectly. Increasingly, customers are reaching for their smart phones (57% of Americans will have a smartphone this year). This means that the majority of your customers (and sometimes the vast majority) will have access to the internet and several different ways to instantly express their displeasure.  This power to complain with accuracy is all conveniently placed in the palm of your customer’s hand.

I’d be willing to bet that your customer complaint volume is going up, not down. Even if you are truly committed to social outreach, customer experience, and humanization, you’re still getting more angry messages than ever before.

The reasons behind the rise in the number of complaints received aren’t always clear. The rise could be blamed on the simple fact that customers have more ways to supply feedback. But generally this is only a portion of the reasoning. Not only are there more ways to provide feedback, but the amount of effort required to complain has been vastly decreased. Any sort of small problem can be complained about with the push of a button.

This leads to the impact that anonymity will have on the individual deciding wither or not to complain.

I Hate You (but not to your face)

When technology removes all physical barriers to complain, it also removes the social. And this may be one of the most important factors concurrent with the rise in customer complaints. Why go through the emotional toil of calling someone out face-to-face when we can hide behind our avatars and mobile devices?

These increases in complaints also have an adverse side effect. Every customer is now a reporter on your product, and social media is their medium. Therefore you cannot ignore the complaints garnered from social media, nor (because of the overwhelming increase in complaints) can you take them too seriously. Your marketing plan must allow you to keep a positive relationship with your clients through social media, all the while measuring the results of social media customer service via survey-driven satisfaction indices, rather than cases handled and call deflection.

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