Creative Testing


Creative Testing
Today we’re talking about creative testing. What is creative? It’s the look of your website, an ad, a slogan, a tagline, a TV commercial or even that logo your favorite 6th grader just cranked out for you. It’s anything that represents your brand out in the world. Why test your creative? Because as good of a guesser as you may be, you and your employees are not your target demographic or customer because you have a different perspective on your product or service than your best customers do. It is difficult to impossible for you to be objective about your creative. Plus, if two heads are better than one, 500 heads beats the living daylights out of 1. Here’s another reason. I’ve seen testing deliver large and small companies from absolute disaster because it revealed something they never noticed or thought of. On the other end of the spectrum I’ve never seen testing do anything less than deliver a huge sense of relief and confidence that the right choices had been made. That’s why I test my creative product, why all fortune 500 companies test, and why I recommend it for all of my clients.

So how do you test your creative. Here a few guidelines.

  • Test the people who will be buying from you. For example; if you’re selling adult diapers, stay away from 21-35 year olds. They typically have no interest in that product.
  • Testing is not a popularity contest. The information testing gives you is critical, but not the end of the story. Basing your final logo decision on testing would be a mistake. You might eliminate a fantastic design or idea because it didn’t test well. Love the input you get from testing but use it wisely.
  • Remember that Average gets ignored. Love and hate get people talking, looking, and thinking. Actually, the more emotion involved, the better the chance that someone will remember your logo, your website, your big idea.
  • Each logo or other creative concept should be tested alone, not in a group (like 3-4 on a page) because you care about the value of that ad, logo, slogan, etc. and not its comparative value.
  • Also remember that to make a logo really work on its own takes thought, research, massive exposure, and a lot of time. Look at the Nike swoosh. Billions of dollars, plus years, sweat and tears went into making it the powerhouse icon it is today.

So to do an effective test you need people and probably more than the 3 golf or tennis buddies you meet on Saturday mornings. Here are some affordable online testing resources that deliver small to large audiences for your next creative test…

  • I don’t know what the FU is for, but this site was built for getting consumer feedback on anything.
  • Survey Monkey is great and extremely popular for any type of creative research.
  • It is just what it says. It pulls responses from the first five seconds someone sees your logo.
  • –Get lots of first impressions of whatever you want to test.
  • Tailored for website user interface and experience testing, this site also lets you test logos and other creative.
  • Once again, it’s made for website testing, but it’s very affordable and works for logos, too.
  • Optimizely provides amazing usability testing for forms like questionnaires on websites

Sometimes what makes testing effective or not is the questions you ask. Here are a few from professional researchers..

  • How do you feel about this creative?
  • Is it offensive to you in any way?
  • Is this creative memorable?
  • What’s the first word that comes to mind when you see this creative?
  • What’s the second?
  • Does it convey a brand you would trust?
  • What other logos does it remind you of?
  • Does the logo catch your eye?
  • Does it have immediate impact?
  • Is it attractive?
  • Does it look strong or weak?
  • Is it straightforward?
  • Does it look dated or like it will it wear well over time?
  • Would you be proud to wear it?

Thanks for stopping our blog. If you’d like help with your market, your message, or your media, let me know. I’d be glad to help you get your business where you want it to go.

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