Content Marketing: Don’t Be Content With Too Little Content On Your Website.


Content Marketing: Don’t Be Content With Too Little Content On Your Website.

In case you were wondering, if you have a website, you’re already doing content marketing…

Anytime you place information about your business, self, industry, or profession on the web, you’re doing content marketing. That even includes your address and phone number. Content is every article, blog entry, web page, link, blurb, or other data about your industry or business. That’s the content of your website. The other parts of your website are graphics and coding or programming.

CM isn’t everything, but…

The search engines’ spiders that crawl all over the web analyzing sites are looking at tags in your code, keywords in your tags, how well your URL (web address) lines up with your keywords, and links to other websites. All that info works in synergy to place your business near the top, middle, or bottom of online searches. But the biggest part of the search engine placement formula is content. If you want to be near the top of organic (non-paid) search listings in your category or relative to your keywords, you need lots of content.

So do you want to start slapping anything and everything on your website? No. Should you include your brilliant but misguided 9th grade term paper on “Extinct Fossils?” Bad idea. Your content has to be relevant to your business. Is any piece of garbage about plumbing going to help your plumbing website? Probably not. When it comes to online content, quantity is important but quality is more important. You need a reason for publishing all that material online and you need a strategy that makes sense and that helps you build your site into a portal.

That strategy defines what quality content on your website will look like. It’s the blueprint for the library you’re going to build to make your website not only hard to miss, but a valuable source of information within your market segment. Focusing, streamlining, and customizing your content helps you reduce or eliminate unwanted inquiries. And it helps you hone in on your target demographic.

Believe me, it’s a challenge to come up with interesting content every week or even every month. Often it makes sense to simply republish salient points from other blogs and articles, but you never want to make a habit of “borrowing.” And you never want to borrow without getting permission, giving credit and providing a link back to the original material. However, just like your research papers in junior high school, you can access resources to pick and choose what you use…making sure your facts are straight and that you put them in your own words.

More good news…

Your content is not limited to text. If you have pictures, audio, or better yet, video to add to your library, then by all means, go for it. Make everything you have work for you. And once it’s published on your website you can distribute to a number of other sites which only helps your CM strategy work harder for you.

Content marketing is a fantastic field leveler. You may not be the biggest cookie maker in Denver, but you can generate fantastic results if you have the best good information on baking, serving, customizing, creating, and packaging cookies on your site.

If you want help with your Content marketing plan, call or email FluidDriveMedia today. We can help you move your published material to the next level and improve your position in search engine listings.

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