Chat Bots and Live Chat Can Help Turn 35 Percent More Website Visitors Into Customers

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Chat software programs help increase appointments booked or online sales by initiating a conversation with site visitors and breaking down conversion barriers.

Here’s how they work…

  • A widget or “Can I help?” button is placed in the lower right-hand corner of your website pages
  • The chat provider (there are a few listed below) builds an artificial intelligence (AI) back end into that widget or button that answers the most common questions site visitors have. Then it does one of the following…
    • Asks them to fill out a form and assures them you’ll get back with them shortly
    • Alerts a live chat center employee they need to join this chat
    • Alerts someone on your staff they need to join this chat
  • The questions that AI asks and it’s responses get built up and matures as it interfaces with potential patients and you or your provider see what’s working and what’s not
  • The added personal engagement can exponentially increase conversions and customers
  • The upside of live chat, with your staff or provider staff, is that
    • the visitor knows they’re talking to a real person
    • chat centers are often there answer questions 24/7
  • The downside is that
    • Chat center people don’t know what your staff knows
    • They’re often handling 4 chats at a time which can slow down response times and cause site visitors to leave
    • If your staff is answering the chats, they need to be trained. The actual interface they use is easy to use. How to answer certain questions or brand new questions comes with a little bit more of a learning curve.
  • If you have multiple locations that get booked out of one office, you typically only have to purchase the service for one account
  • The price ranges from $199/mo plus set up to $12 or per new patient

For those of you in the healthcare arena, here are some HIPAA secure options…

I recommended chat previously and I’ll do it again. The worst that can happen is that after a relatively small investment, you find out it isn’t worth it.

Here’s another article on the topic I found interesting: Most AI Chatbots will Fail, and That’s Okay! 

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