Combining the best of offline and online media to build your bottom line

Fluid Drive Media - shooting ducksReaching your target customer sometimes feels like shooting ducks on the Midway at the State Fair. They’re hard to hit and you get the sneaking suspicion the game is rigged. But all we do is marketing. So making a significant one-on-one connection with your target market is what we succeed at every day. With Fluid Drive Media, building your brand and your bottom line becomes an “everybody’s a winner” proposition.


Narrowcasting. The most focused media opportunities ever are now available to you via the whole package of new media. What do we mean by “new media?” Here’s a short list – programmatic marketing and buying, paid search, display, digital, social media, email, behavioral, demographic, keyword, contextual, white-list, retargeting, and more. Now you get to have one-on-one conversations that lead to relationships with new customers. Those relationships lead to deeper interactions. Those interactions lead to sales. Once your strategy has been nailed down we’ll deliver a creative, targeted, high frequency campaign that engages your audience and delivers on your goals.


TV is still the best reach tool available to you or anyone else trying to impact a lot of people (see article). And reach is a huge part of any serious marketer’s strategy. Radio, Out-of-home, Digital Direct Mail and other traditional media still work well when used properly. And nothing gets your website noticed faster than hard working traditional media. For us every medium needs to deliver and it does. We verify the effectiveness of all online and offline media by tracking each creative and each media and analyzing what’s delivering the best results for you.

We help your media play well together

Lots of marketers have drawn a deep line in the sand between traditional and “new” media. We don’t do that because every medium we use needs to reach and engage the right people with meaningful creative concepts, while generating a return on investment. TV, opt-in email, search engine optimization, Radio, Out-of-home, AdWords – they all have to deliver those three things. Otherwise they’re somewhere between inefficient and a huge waste of money.

At Fluid Drive Media we take a flexible approach to your marketing and brand building. Let’s face it. Anyone marketing today has to be flexible because today’s consumers are in motion all the time. Where and how they connect with media changes constantly. Consequently, the best way for you to connect with them is constantly changing.

Because neither the media nor your market is a static entity any marketing you do also has to be driven by a strategic vision. There’s no need for us to be any more ADD than we already are. The time and effort it takes to create and execute a comprehensive strategy and campaign in today’s climate can be daunting. Having laid out the goals and the general direction at the outset saves a lot of time, tears, and frustration.

And it’s not a bad thing that we’re always shooting at a moving target. It’s more challenging but it makes us all better at creating lasting meaningful relationships with new customers. If the market and media were static, we’d all get bored and start drinking like Mad Men and soon be out of a job.

Your brand is treasured asset. We’re devoted to protecting, policing, and promoting your brand, engaging your next customer, and delivering the results you deserve.

Can we do all that for you? Certainly. Are you ready to replace chance and guesswork with an effective strategy, a weak website with a strong and well marketed, mediocre sales with record sales? Call us or email us today to see for yourself how Fluid Drive Media can help you.

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