Welcome to DayCare For Websites. Quick question: When was the last time you bragged about your website? If you’re like a lot of business owners you have one. but it’s just sitting there doing nothing. Or nothing like what you thought it would do. Websites are supposed to produce sales, leads, new customers, relationships and a lot more. But In the same way a child needs daily care, your website needs daily care. Granted you don’t have to bottle feed your website or change it’s diapers. But you will need to…

  • feed it often
  • encourage interaction so others will want to play with it and
  • make sure it’s staying healthy and growing properly.

In website marketing those parenting activities translate directly to…

  1. a steady diet of relevant content (blogs, videos, product or service announcements, facebook posts, tweets)
  2. an engaging marketing and media plan both online and offline and
  3. frequent monitoring and analysis of each campaign to make sure your content strategy, marketing strategy, and search engine optimization are all working

We help businesses like yours bring under-performing websites to vibrant life and productivity with

  • lots of high-quality content – the stuff search engines and your new customers are looking for
  • a very creative approach to engaging and motivating your market and
  • media strategies, including social, that get your site noticed and talked about

And we do all that for less than you might think.

In short, at Day Care for Websites we market, monitor, and maximize. Nobody can argue with the fact that well maintained websites are a lot of work. But it’s not work you want to be doing. You have a business to run and people to manage. Let us do the heavy lifting here and you can bask in the glory when your website really starts performing the way you always wanted it to. So…

  • stop worrying about your website
  • turn that pain in the neck into your pride and joy
  • and focus on growing your business.

Give us an opportunity to show you how we’re going to deliver some love to your website so it can send some back in your direction. Call us at 214-454-4521 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get right back with and start making your website something you can really be proud of.