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Social TV Is All About the Big Game

Social TV Is All About the Big Game   People can’t just watch TV or surf the net anymore. They have to do both alone with eating, drinking and using the phone. http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?R=1009217&ecid=a6506033675d47f881651943c21c5ed4...

Google Plus Holds Promise But Remains Weak on Usage

Google Plus Holds Promise but Remains Weak on Usage APRIL 16, 2012 Despite unique features for users and marketers, and built-in name recognition, Google’s social network still struggling for relevance In the second half of 2011, after months of speculation about whether—and how—Google would finally “get” social, the search giant...

Where Have the First-Quarter Ad Dollars Gone?

This is a very in-depth article from Ad Age about the sentiment on Madison Avenue this month. “Nobody’s going to be fired for spending on Facebook.” Thus a digital-media executive summed up the sentiment on Madison Avenue as advertisers from American Express to Zappos are trying to stretch every marketing...