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David Lamoureux

Google is downgrading HTTP sites in Chrome

Google’s downgrading of HTTP sites in Chrome As of July 1st 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will see sites without TLS security built in as ‘not secure’ and rank them below sites that do have security. Those sites’ URl’s start with HTTPS vs HTTP. Data sent using...

David Lamoureux

Lana Del Rey TV Commercials Create Social Buzz

How H&M, Starbucks and Google Became Centers of Attention on Twitter Lana Del Rey Commercials Did the Trick for H&M Last week Ad Age and our editorial partner Bluefin Labs started ranking the brands generating the biggest lifts in buzz on Twitter -- but with added insight...

David Lamoureux

Google Plus Holds Promise But Remains Weak on Usage

Google Plus Holds Promise but Remains Weak on Usage APRIL 16, 2012 Despite unique features for users and marketers, and built-in name recognition, Google’s social network still struggling for relevanceIn the second half of 2011, after months of speculation about whether—and how—Google would finally “get” social, the...

David Lamoureux

SEO: A Brief History of Google Panda Updates

SEO: A Brief History of Google Panda Updates.Google's Panda 3.3 was released yesterday. Panda is a filtering system carefully designed by Google to make search results more relevant. I think it's working. The long and short of it is bad, sneaky, manipulative content or website...

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