Web Presence Development


To own and run a successful company today you’ve gotta be an entrepreneur, master technician, manager, marketing maven and more. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to do all of that yourself.

It all STARTS with you… with your personality, all that you have to offer, and the unique way you provide goods and/or services to your community or the world. Your secret to marketing success is how you make connections with people who might be good customers.

So you need a partner who can initiate meaningful conversations with your prospects using every productive digital channel available. Ultimately those conversations and prospects become new clients and customers. And you’ll be on your way to beating last year’s numbers to a pulp.

You know better than anybody there are effective strategies for winning at being your own boss. I’m here to tell you there are affordable and effective tools and strategies for winning at marketing online. You have to analyze your customers’ expectations, and maintain those relationships. And you have to stay on top of the latest “new products, new laws, new this, new that.”

We help you cover the basics, the “price of admission” to marketing on the web…

  • an optimized, engaging and responsive website
  • a growing following on social media
  • the use of email to market to your customers.

and then help you build from there. If you already have the above, we’re ready to take you to the next level.

We’d love to start a conversation with you about making you more money, allowing you to help more people, by developing your web presence. Fill out the form below or email us and we’ll set something up – no charge. We want you to be as excited about your online presence as we are.


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David is an award-winning creative, media, and brand strategist. He founded Fluid Drive Media to provide the best online, offline, and bottom line creative and media solutions to his clients. Drawing on over 25 years of regional, national and international communications and marketing experience, David leads the firm's client engagement team, providing senior-level strategic counsel and branding expertise. His broad background gives him a one of a kind strategic understanding of the dynamics of business marketing. David has designed and delivered successful campaigns for clients including Sears Home Improvement, CSX, Sony, Six Flags, Career Builder, A#1 AC, and more.