Media Strategy and Planning


Media Strategy and Planning: Media is the delivery guy. The right media carries a promotional, sales, brand, relationship or other message to the people most likely to be impacted by it – those people who are in the market for your product or service. We determine what media (usually combination of media) will work best to reach those people and achieve your goals. We then research the best media outlets and negotiate with them to get the best rates possible whether on TV, in key words, on billboards. That’s what we call media strategy and planning.

At the same time we’re researching and developing your new media strategy we’re developing the creative strategy. Will a spokesperson work best or should we use vignettes? Is your market going to react better to humor or a straight forward approach or a humorous straight forward approach? The options may seem endless, but the better we know your target customer, the less options fit the plan and purpose of your promotion. Once the creative is set, we execute production via our award-winning creative team.

Then it’s time to test both the creative and the media strategies. We then look at that test to see what’s going to to work and what’s not. Refinements, if needed, are made and then we move forward by launching your campaign.

One huge advantage of working with Fluid Drive Media is that we don’t work for the media. We work for you. So any recommendations we make are in line with your objectives, not our alliances, contracts, or relatives. We’re your media and brand police. So when you’re working with us you can rest assured that your brand is presented in line with your goals and guidelines and in the most inviting manner to your target market.

Marketing and Media Research: There are aspects of marketing that are art and some that are very scientific. Market and media research are two of those more mathematical pieces of the marketing pie. So any campaign using any media kicks off with a hypothesis that X group of people will be best reached via A, B, and C media and the best way to engage them is with Z message. Hence “going with your gut” and testing marketing hypotheses with a huge budget may have worked well for the Mad Men of the 60’s, but it’s insanity in today’s media and economic climate. That’s why we build any creative message and marketing plan on solid research. Fluid Drive Media has all the latest tools for fine tuning markets, refining strategic approaches, and engaging your next customer. It only makes sense to know where you’re going before you leave town. Granted, a spontaneous road trip to wherever can be fun, but we have too much respect for your budget and your goals to run your campaign on a whim and a prayer.

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This all may seem simple, but it requires a lot of sweat and support to make it happen successfully. And that’s why we’re here to help you maximize the impact of your campaign every step of the way. Find out how far you can go. Fill out our contact form or email us today.

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  • We also offer meaningful award winning creative that works

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David is an award-winning creative, media, and brand strategist. He founded Fluid Drive Media to provide the best online, offline, and bottom line creative and media solutions to his clients. Drawing on over 25 years of regional, national and international communications and marketing experience, David leads the firm's client engagement team, providing senior-level strategic counsel and branding expertise. His broad background gives him a one of a kind strategic understanding of the dynamics of business marketing. David has designed and delivered successful campaigns for clients including Sears Home Improvement, CSX, Sony, Six Flags, Career Builder, A#1 AC, and more.