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We are marketing your brand, your name, your product, your service to the right market at the most ideal time and in the most engaging way. Doing that makes your marketing work a lot harder for you.

Creative Testing

Creative Testing Today we’re talking about creative testing. What is creative? It’s the look of your website, an ad, a slogan, a tagline, a TV commercial or even that logo your favorite 6th grader just cranked out for you. It’s anything that represents your brand out in the world. Why...

Video Is a Rising Star Among Content Marketers

Video Is a Rising Star Among Content Marketers APRIL 23, 2012 (from Emarketer) Print, websites and email remain top content marketing formats Companies have long emphasized the role of content for providing customers and prospects with useful information and meaningful insight, and the rise of digital distribution and production channels...

B2B Marketers Report Greater Marketing, Media Integration

B2B Marketers Report Greater Marketing, Media Integration APRIL 17, 2012 B2Cs more comfortable with mobile and social (From Emarketer) “Integration” is a marketing buzzword of late, no doubt in part due to increased media fragmentation—and growing pressure from executives to master new channels and formats to create a cohesive brand...

Google Plus Holds Promise But Remains Weak on Usage

Google Plus Holds Promise but Remains Weak on Usage APRIL 16, 2012 Despite unique features for users and marketers, and built-in name recognition, Google’s social network still struggling for relevance In the second half of 2011, after months of speculation about whether—and how—Google would finally “get” social, the search giant...

Viral Videos? Quit Wasting Your Time and Money.

Quit Wasting Your Time and Money Trying to Produce Viral Videos There Are Much Better Branded-Video Investments You Can Make Online By: Bob Garfield Published: April 10, 2012 Bob Garfield Fishing for rainbow trout? If you’re lucky, and you catch one, it’ll probably weigh about 2 pounds. If you’re extremely...

An introduction to integrated media

An introduction to integrated media Why is integrated media smarter? Before I answer that question let me give you a little background. First, this isn’t the first time the mixed media or integrated media parade has passed through town. In the 1960’s each advertising medium was selected, used, and evaluated...