01 What kind of media tracking do you do?

We gave up on gut reactions about 30 years ago. They suck at assessing real-life marketing campaigns. We go with very up to date analysis of each creative message and each media and even how the two react with each other. Like we said earlier. We help your media play well together. Every media choice we make is based on considerable research. Every media needs to support the message and the goals of the campaign. To know that’s happening we need to constantly be watching online and offline responses. For example – say we’re running a keyword campaign online with ten creatives (yes ten different pitches around the same promotion). At the end of every analysis period (say every month) we see what the top four performing creatives are. Then we kill the other six and develop six more that are more in line with the four that worked best. We do that every month to make sure the campaign works as well as it possibly can. For other media the tactics are different, but the strategy is still the same – never leave success to chance.

02 How does Fluid Drive Media differ from an advertising agency

We’re more focused on what makes sales, customer retention, engagement and the growth of your business happen. We only do media and creative. That’s a lot, but look at the services we don’t provide below to see what we don’t do that full service ad agencies do. We can help you get anything you need. And what we do do we do very well.

03 What kinds of services do you not offer?

We are primarily a media and creative shop. We do lots of TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, PPC, Social, Online, Banners, etc. We create unique video, audio and print campaigns for our clients. We don’t do packaging, though we have friends who do. Our in-house research capabilities are limited, but we have some amazing partners in consumer research we lean on for deeper analysis of a market. Our public relations services list covers campaign creative, release writing, and release distribution. We aren’t geared to do intense PR followup. We work with two PR firms (one local, one national) to cover that discipline for our clients who need it.

04 How long are your client contracts?

We “hold” our clients to a 30 day written notice. We like to keep our clients because we’re performing for them, not because they’re legally required to stick with us.

05 What usually happens after a client get’s in contact with you?

We meet. That first face-to-face meeting is critical to see if there’s a good chemistry between us and our the client. At that meeting we discuss your business, goals, strengths, needs, unique selling points, customers, specializations, budget and anything else pertinent to your marketing. We come back in 1-2 weeks with a proposal based on the information we gathered from that first meeting. That proposal gives you an idea of the direction we recommend and all of the costs associated with our recommendations. We also show you our letter of agreement and any other documentation necessary to get your campaign started.

06 What types of businesses do you work with?

Our experience and list of partners is all over the map. We have worked with or work with global clients (Sony, Sears Home Improvement, CSX, Six Flags, Career Builder), and regional clients in healthcare, retail, home services, automotive, consumer goods, and education. And that breadth of experience helps you immeasurably because what we’ve successfully developed to work in one category can often be tweaked and applied to another.

07 What size businesses do you usually work with?

They range in size from 25 to 150 employees. Company size is not nearly as important to a successful campaign as a commitment to achieving business and professional goals, the right way, as efficiently and aggressively as possible. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably never get there.

08 I already do all that stuff for my business. What do I need you for?

If that’s the case then we have three questions for you.

  1.  Is it smart for you to be doing day-to-day marketing chores when you have a business to run?
  2.  Are you the most qualified person available right now to handle that job? Here’s the peace of mind we offer our clients.
  3.  Would you and your employees not be better served by some expert assistance for your marketing and media?

When marketing planning is happening, our client partners are working directly with seasoned successful professionals, and we’re doing the heavy lifting. When planning is over, they rest assured the plan is being executed expertly and they’re frequently updated on the status of the plan and the achievement of goals. Our staff knows their stuff and they’ve been doing what they do for decades. The day-to-day execution of your plan(s) is handled by people focused on marketing and building your business. They don’t have tax forms, HR, payroll, logistics, and other distractions to impact their efficiency and effectiveness.

09 How much should I spend to build my business?

That’s a tough question to answer without a lot of foundational information. Intelligent budgets just for marketing a business online start at $1500 per month and go up from there. The best budget depends on your goals. If you want to reach one new customer per year as a home cleaning service then you can probably cover that with some flyers and lots of word of mouth. If you’re an automobile manufacturer trying to sell 200,000 vehicles in the US, you’re going to need to create a strategy, benchmarks, and execute that strategy with a firm commitment to reaching your goals. Fluid Drive Media can put together a plan for you based either on the budget you set (say 8% of revenue or sales) or based on your goals. The first approach starts with a number. The seconds ends with a number. The ideal budget for your business based on  your goals is still a static number.

10 What’s the best media for my business?

That may sound like a simple question, but it never is. Luckily there are only a few primary media categories – print, broadcast, out-of-home, online. But within those categories there are myriad choices. And how we apply each media or a strategic media mix to your business is almost as unique as a fingerprint. We start with a thorough of your marketing history, current products and/or services, current customer base and more. Then we turn that information into a strategy to engage and motivate your best potential customers.

11 What can Fluid Drive Media do for my business?

We make business marketing a lot easier for you by putting your brand in motion and keeping it that way. Every business has a product or service to sell. Making the most ideal potential customers aware of that product or service is how we do marketing. All marketers need to make intelligent, informed decisions about what media and creative they use to reach those potential customers. Helping you make the best media choices to engage your target market and turn those engagements into sales is what Fluid Drive Media does. And we do that by creating a unique strategy blending the best of traditional media and “new” media with aggressive creative.